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11 July 2011


During our cross-country drive, Lovemuffin and I got to see almost all of each of our families, which was wonderful. What great families we have! While visiting Older Brother in Michigan, we took a quick jaunt over to Dearborn, to go to a Middle Eastern bakery called Shatila. This is what we ate, as well as sampling the ice creams.

Knafeh-pastry with cheese and syrup with ground pistachio on top.

Two other pastries, also amazing. 

Not only did they have traditional looking stuff, they also had fancy looking cakes with all sorts of fruits on top that we salivated over. So if you ever happen to find yourself in Detroit or Dearborn, you should definitely give this place a try! Or you can order any of their stuff online, including their ice-cream. I guess people think Detroit and Dearborn are scary, dangerous places, but Detroit is having some kind of revival and has great Art Deco architecture, so it totally makes your trip to Shatila worth it.

So happy! We just love bakeries!