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21 July 2013

2 Summer Salads

Happy Summer!

Wow, I haven't posted for a long time. So, dear readers, to make up for that (because I know your life revolves around this blog), I have 2 recipes - double whammy!

They are barely recipes, and I can't take credit for inventing either of them, but I have pictures (but only of one of them).

The first is basically caprese salad.

Here's what you do:
Cut up some tomatoes (fresh from the garden), cut up some mozzarella from the grocery store, chiffonade those fresh basil leaves (also growing in the garden), sprinkle with olive oil and maybe a little salt.

Eat outside with your lovemuffin.

The second salad is something that we got at a tapas place in DC called Pulpo, it doesn't look like it's on their menu anymore, so I don't know what they called it. It probably deserves a name other than a list of its ingredients, any suggestions?

Cut up some:
Watermelon (I did about 1/4 of a largish melon)
Cucumber (I used 1 regular cuke)
Soft mild cheese, I used mozzarella cheese, but at Pulpo it was made with soft fresh goat cheese - much better, too bad some people who eat my food don't like goat cheese
Dill (I just kept adding till it looked and smelled good, probably a couple of teaspoons)

Stir it all together and eat it cold. Surprise! Dill and goat cheese are really good with watermelon. Sorry there's no pictures, the leftovers this morning were pretty sad looking, but still delicious.