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23 May 2012

Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding

Here's a great dessert from Mark Bittman: Mexican Chocolate Tofu Pudding. Here's the recipe and here's the video to go with it. I'm was so surprised at it's deliciousness. I didn't take any pictures, but my pudding looked just like it does in the video. It is thick and rich, sweet and spicy and chocolatey, super easy to make, and so so so good. Seriously, you should try it. And I found a place that sells silken tofu for $0.59, so this might become a frequent dessert for us. And I'll tell you that because of it's richness, it can probably serve closer to 6 people instead of 4. It took me and Lovemuffin several days to get eat our way through a batch.

19 May 2012

Veggie Spring Rolls

I haven't had a lot of creative juices lately, so I don't have a big story for you, just some pictures to show how easy it is to make your own summer rolls, just like a friend showed me, she also has a special dipping sauce for it, I think it is peanut ginger, we just used an all-purpose Korean sauce.

You'll need some rice paper, I got some at the vietnamese store, the are probably easy to find at regular stores too, here's what to look for:

You can use whatever you want for filling, I used:

Daikon radish

I used about 4 carrots to 1 cucumber to 1/2 daikon radish, and that made a lot of rolls.

Shred the carrots and radish, and cut the cucumbers into strips. Put some warm water in a bowl, dip rice paper one at a time in the warm water for about 5 seconds, remove, then arrange the fillings on the rice paper, and roll it up like a burrito.

Easy peasy!