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30 September 2012

Pick-your-own Apples and The New Place

It's been about a year since I went apple picking with new friends in Arlington, and yesterday I went again with Lovemuffin to Homestead Farm in Maryland. There were a lot of types available, we hauled about 40 pounds away consisting of Pink Lady, Braeburn and Suncrisp apples. I think the Suncrisp are my favorite, and I'm glad we got as many of those as we did; they taste like crunchy bits of sunshine, just like the name says. When we got home, Lovemuffin said something about that I had a lot of apples to take care of, and I informed him that he might have a job with the apple spiraler (corer/peeler/slicer). I'm hoping for pies and apple chips, the applesauce I tried last year was kind of a disaster, so... maybe not this year. It was so nice to get out in the countryside and see the goats (even though they weren't that friendly of goats) and get some super fresh produce. The pick-your-own farm had already-picked vegetables for sale, and we took advantage of that too.

Lovemuffin with the loot

so many pretty vegetables
check out these enormous pumpkins! 

In other news, we've moved to a new apartment now a little further away from downtown Washington DC. It is much larger than the last one and there is more counter space, cupboard space and storage space, so we're hoping to get some food storage going here. It also has some nice drawers, one of which I am using for spices, some of you were familiar with the spice bucket, and found it annoying. But now with the spice drawer it's so much easier to find the spice you need now!

one half of the kitchen
other half of the kitchen, note the tomatoes and eggplant fresh from the farm
Spice Drawer!