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18 May 2010

My babies are growing up so fast!

Here are my plants, see how grown up they look! The zucchini is kind of going crazy, it is getting tons of flowers, and I'm kind of nervous about them, though, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. But the other day we sauteed one and it was tasty, so I guess it's okay. My landlady says you can eat the flowers, so maybe we'll do that too. There are two bell pepper plants now, I planted the second one about a month after the first one, I think I saved the poor thing from the home depot. The small one is just barely starting to get flowers and buds on it, but the big one has a couple of peppers and even though they are going kind of slow, they are definitely growing.  The tomato is humongous, it has flowers on it, but I haven't seen any fruits growing yet. I like to go out and give them hugs and whisper to them about how special they are.



  1. Fun!!! I have really been wanting to plant something that we can eat, and you just inspired me to follow through on it! I think I will do that this weekend. :)

  2. you make me laugh! I love your garden! How did you get it so big and beautiful? I'm trying to garden right now, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Oh, but I had a neighbor that had a squash plant and he watered it with miracle grow practically every day. Well, his plant got so big and beautiful and started producing tons of little squashes. But the squashes would start to grow a bit and then suddenly wither away. It was like the plant just couldn't support all it was trying to produce.