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19 July 2010

A Success! And an Epic Failure or Two

I made some bread, the Basic Hearth Bread recipe from "The Bread Bible" using the measurments by weight instead of volume. At first it didn't seem very different, the 156 grams of flour was about equivalent to the 1 cup listed in the other column, and so on. But I persisted. I'm trying more to follow recipes exactly, it has never been my strong suit, but I believe that I will be better at freestyling my recipes if I know the rules first. I've wanted for a while to try to make bread using certain ratios of flour to water, to see how they turn out differently, and now with my new scale, I can.
The bread turned out so well! It has a fabulous crusty exterior, and a magnificent crumb, with perfect size bubbles. Oh, and it tastes so delightful! I wish I had my camera so I could show you just how amazing it is. You'll just have to believe me, I've already eaten half of it. I am absolutely astounded! Especially considering this the other things that have been going on, not working so well.
The other night I tried making agua fresca with the melon I bought that was mostly tasteless, thinking that if I add a little sugar to it, it will tasted great, but no, it did not. Then I added yogurt to it, maybe it needed some zing and sourness, but no, that was still not so good. So then I thought I would freeze it, try to make melon frozen yogurt. And that did not work very well either. It all went down the drain the next day. That was my Epic Failure.
The other thing that is disappointing lately is that my sourdough starter has pooped out. I thought it was trying to rise a little bit, a couple of days ago, but now it isn't doing anything, but it smells nice and sour. I'll give it a few more days. Who knows, it may still take off.
In other news, I have been sitting on a rolly chair in the kitchen, rolling around with my feet tucked under me so my toes don't get cold and my feet don't get tired. Walking is for suckers. I can roll to the garbage to throw something away, I can roll to the sink to put in my dirty dishes. It's great.

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