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11 June 2011

Fresh Fruit/Mint Juice

In our journey across the continent, we stopped and had dinner with some family at Cafe Rio and even though I don't usually go for big box chain fast food establishments, this one is different. But I'm not going to tell you about the amazing food. I'm going to tell you about these drinks they had. They were special limeades, there was mint limeade (everyone's favorite), strawberry limeade, and hibiscus limeade (my other favorite, so amazing!) And tonight we decided to make our own. We made strawberry peach mint limeade. It was delicious. I might just do mint and peach together next time, with just enough lime juice to keep the peaches from turning brown.

As far as I can tell you can use pretty much any fruit you like. You blend up the fruit with lime juice, water, a little ice, and add sugar to taste. And then you make more because everyone will need refills!

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