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01 October 2012

Caramel Apples

Our first thing made with our apple haul were caramel apples. Lovemuffin did an awesome job making the caramel using this recipe. He halved the recipe and we ended up with 7 apples. The caramel was delightful, and I was surprised that my candy thermometer still works. We stabbed the apples with forks since we didn't have any popsicle sticks, and after dipping them and had a little left over to pour over the tops, just to make it excessive.

One note about the recipe, it says to put the dipped apples on buttered aluminum foil, which is what we did, but the caramel was too sticky and tore apart the aluminum foil when we tried to pull off an apple. Maybe it wasn't buttered enough, but I would suggest just buttering a cookie sheet to put them on instead, that way there's no chance of getting aluminum foil in your mouth.

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