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26 November 2012

Thanksgiving Awesomeness 2012

If only I was so good at blogging that I could post Thanksgiving appropriate recipes before the holiday arrives. Oh well. Here's a quick review of what we ate for our feast. I will try to post any new or altered recipes soon.

Green Potatoes (with lots of green), Aloe Drink

Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese, Avocado, Tomatoes and Pomegranates
Gherkins, Marinated Mushrooms, Green Olives
Cranberry Sauce with orange and spices (so delicious!)

Cornish Game Hens (for the meat eaters)

Rutabaga (my first time eating rutabaga, it reminds me of something between a radish and a potato, but in reality it is a cross between a turnip and cabbage)

Blueberry Coconut Cream Pie (good with yogurt; adapted from cranberry cream pie), Pecan and Chocolate Pie (amazing--had to make another one), Butternut Squash Pie (not as successful as we were hoping)

All this food and eating reminds me of my new favorite song: "My body tells me 'no,' I won't quit, 'cause I want more... I want more!" But since I jump around the room like a crazy, happy, happy, happy person when the song plays, maybe it balances out the caloric intake. 

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