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12 February 2010

Peanut Soup

I recently have started watching "The Minimalist" podcasts from Mark Bittner in the New York Times, and I'm hooked. I love the way he cooks; it's very easy, no emphasis on exact measurements, but you can find the recipes if you feel like you need exact measurments. And I'm a fan because the very first video I watched of his, he explained how to temper chocolate, which I have always heard is important, and I've had it explained to me before, but I never understood it until he talked about the different temperatures and admitted that he thinks "bloomed" chocolate looks lovely (I have always liked the look of it myself). Plus, I think he's pretty funny.

Well, I tried this peanut soup the other night, leaving out the chicken, of course. It was great! It was rich and delightful. I used collard greens for the first time in my life, and Lovemuffin even ate leftovers from it. Lovemuffin's one criticism was that he thought the sweet potatoes could be in smaller pieces, and I had even started with small cubes instead of slices the way Bittner did it. The leftovers were creamier and even more delightful than the first time around. I actually forgot the whole peanuts, but the peanut butter did a good job of flavoring the whole soup and it goes so well with the flavor of the sweet potato. I suppose because it's one of those sweet and salty combinations. Here's the exact recipe, if you need it.

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  1. that sounds really interesting. I'll have to try it sometime.