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28 April 2011

"Pigs in a Blanket"

Does anyone know a clever name for vegetarian pigs in a blanket? I can't think of one, and from my quick internet search, it seems that no one else has either. These were my Lovemuffin's idea, but somehow I ended up making them. The "pigs"are the Tofurky Italian Sausages, the ones with the tomato and basil. I cut them in half and the bread is Trader Joe's herbed pizza dough. I rolled them in semolina flour to make it easy to take them off the baking pan.

no pig in these blankets


  1. This made me want pigs in a blanket but I couldn't find those tofurky dogs you speak of so I just got regular hot dogs. I tried one brand of vegan dogs once and my kids hated them. I hope to keep trying different brands though and find one we like. Hot dogs gross me out!

  2. Yeah, hotdogs are pretty questionable. I'm ashamed to say that there was a time I lived on corndogs. I see them in the store now and kind of want them again. Now I know I can make these instead :)
    We've only been able to find this tofurky stuff at Trader Joe's, and they probably don't have one where you live. They don't actually taste like meat or hotdogs, but they are better than other veggie dogs I've tried. And I generally don't eat the weird veggie stuff that is trying to imitate meat, but these ones we really do like a lot.

  3. Vigs in a blanket? Tofu in a quilt? Fake meat in a sheet?