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03 May 2011

fig and almond bread

I made the New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread from "The Bread Bible" (Berenbaum) and it was delicious! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. We ate pretty much all of it before I could get pictures because our camera was MIA yesterday. But I managed to get two pictures of the last bit of crust this morning before I ate it.

inside of fig and almond bread

outside of fig and almond bread, with apricot jam and chopped almonds

I thought that the recipe called for too much figs and almonds for the amount of dough and it wouldn't hold together, but it did just fine. It also said to put apricot glaze on the outside, which I think is unnecessary, it makes it too sticky for cutting and eating. It calls for a little bit of whole wheat flour and I usually buy King arthur whole wheat flour because it is white wheat, but the store didn't have any last time, so I got the other other brand, which is red wheat and tastes stronger. I don't like it. But the bread turned out okay in spite of that. Anyway, I would recommend this recipe and the book, if you can get a copy from the library.

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