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09 May 2011

Try Something New Today

whole cheremoya

inside of cheremoya

This is a cheremoya, or custard apple. It is a weird tropical fruit from Ecuador/Peru/Chile, with a scaly looking pattern on the skin. There is a small store near where we live right now that always has interesting produce, and this was my latest acquisition. Lovemuffin enjoyed it, but the flavor is a little too weird for me. To me it tastes a lot like lychees, which I also don't care for, too floral, but my "Field Guide to Produce" says that the flavor is a combination of pineapple, papaya and banana. It has a couple of close relatives with similar flavors, the sweetsop, soursop and atemoya. If you are going to cut up a cheremoya to serve later, you will want to sprinkle it with lemon juice to keep it from turning brown. The Field Guide to Produce recommends freezing the fruit and eating it like ice cream, either just the plain fruit, cut up, or blended with lime juice and honey to make a sorbet. Maybe I'll try that this week, see if I like it better.
I hope this spring brings you lots of weird fruits as well as the courage to try them all.

the inside naturally seperates into sections, some of them have seeds

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