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08 August 2011

Amazing Desserts/Restaurant Review

A couple nights ago we went to dinner to celebrate younger brothers-in-law's birthdays (does that make sense?) at this restaurant, Zaytinya, and the food was pretty spectacular, especially that squash and cheese dish that I don't know the name of. But I especially want to show-and-tell about our desserts, I hope you don't mind fuzzy pictures of half-eaten food.

This is what I got, I don't remember what they called it because it was the special that day, but our server described it as "deconstructed baklava." It had olive oil jelly, a honey/syrup jelly, vanilla ice cream, phyllo dough with nuts rolled up in it, chopped pistachios, and fresh blackberries. It was very good and the guy pointed out that when you eat these "deconstructed" desserts you should get a little bit of all of the different elements on your spoon and eat them all at once to get the flavor of the original/classic dessert. It is pretty fun to try the different element on their own too. Olive oil jelly is surprisingly good.

This was what Lovemuffin ordered, and I think I liked it slightly better than my own. It is a Greek honey and yogurt concoction with apricot jammy stuff in the bottom and ice cream and pistachios on top. It was very pretty and very tasty.

This is what one little brother ordered, and everyone thought it was the weakest of the bunch, I was too busy taking pictures so I didn't get around to tasting it. It was another "deconstructed" dessert based on Turkish delight. I didn't really understand how to break Turkish delight down into several elements, and it was also not the most photogenic dessert. I wish I could say more about it, but since I didn't try it and no one else had a lot to say about it . . . Yeah.

The other little brother ordered this which was hands-down everyone's favorite. It was a chocolate cake with gooey insides, with cardamom and coffee flavors served with chocolate mousse-y stuff and flavored whipped cream and it was stunning, miraculous, amazing and magnificent. Our server called it "outrageous." He recommended getting the large size because the small size is just enough to piss you off.  The combination of chocolate and cardamom was incredible and revived my obsession with cardamom. In fact, I'm going to create a "cardamom" label so that you can easily find anything on this blog that contains cardamom. Perhaps I should also make cardamom chocolate cookies or muffins or something. The coffee flavor was not that noticeable to me, but it probably served to deepen the flavor of the chocolate. The thing I really liked about this dessert was that you can taste it before you even put it in your mouth.

Over all, it was a pretty great restaurant, it had a nice atmosphere but wasn't snobby or intimidating, our server was super helpful and nice, and all of the food was beyond excellent. I'm thinking of going back with my older brother for some lunch and dessert.

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