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17 August 2011


Yesterday we went to Eden Center, an area of town with a high concentration of Vietnamese stores, and got some food and some fruits called rambutan. These are related to lychees, with the outside peel and the inside fruit. These have a very pleasant grape-y flavor, without the floral tones of lychees. The texture of the outside shell reminded me of millipedes, which made me nervous to pick them up, but they weren't gross at all. Older Brother also discovered that if you get the outside shell off  mostly whole, you can put it on your nose and look like a clown and have the delicious smell of the fruit constantly wafting up your nose. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of that.

I also had bahn mi for the first time, mine had caramelized tofu skins instead of meat on it, and it was pretty delicious. I'll definitely be going back for more awesome stuff.

rambutan before peeling

rambutan with fruit in the middle

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